Innovation in Action

Each success and misstep prepares students for the challenges that lie ahead.
The world is evolving at lightning speed, and children must learn to adapt. With a focus on creativity and innovation, RippKids can master the skills they need to embrace new challenges, take risks, and learn from each endeavor. Here are samples of the hard work they engage in every day.

Off to the Cardboard Boat Races

Eighth-grade science students discovered that with two sheets of 4x8-foot cardboard, two rolls of duct tape, two wooden dowels, and two empty 2-liter soda bottles, they could design and build a seaworthy boat sturdy enough to carry one team member across a 75-foot-long pool. Did they sink or swim?

Can a Kindergartner Build a Golf Course?

Kindergarten and seventh-grade students teamed up to build a miniature golf course. They ventured to New Rochelle to research the mechanics of existing mini-golf courses. Afterward, Kindergartners drew up plans and seventh graders fabricated the course based on those designs using the woodworking tools, laser cutters, software, and technology available in the Innovation Center. Who scored a hole in one?

The Wonders of a Sand Box Pool

Inspired by YouTuber Mark Rober, a seventh-grader worked with the Director of Innovation to make a sand pool in the Innovation Center. Using compressed air running through a grid of tiny holes, the relatively solid box of sand instantly turned into something closer to liquid, like quicksand.

Mapping Mars Replaces the Book Report

Eighth-grade students were tasked with reading The Martian by Andy Weir over the summer. Instead of writing a traditional book report, students retraced the steps of the main character Mark Watney as he traversed the planet to find his way back to Earth. Students embarked on a project that combined English, Physics, and Art to map Mars using data from NASA, and a series of tools available in the Innovation Center. Watch the video below to hear what students thought of this innovative project.
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