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    Ridley Sperling 

    Director of Secondary School Placement, Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Grade 9 Capstone
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    Associate Director of Secondary School Placement, Humanities, Language Arts/Writing
Every child has their own path to follow. We help them find it.
Independent. Creative. Confident. That’s how RippKids leave Rippowam Cisqua School. It is our mission, and we deliver every time. Our students consistently rise to the top, which is reflected in their high rate of admissions to their first-choice schools, and their ongoing commitment as active, enthusiastic, and supportive alumni.

Matriculation: Where students go when they graduate

By the time students graduate, they can identify, evaluate, and select the school where they will thrive intellectually, creatively, socially, and emotionally. The array of institutions where our students are accepted and that they ultimately select as their school of choice reflects the individuality of each child. 

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  • Where RCS Students Are Accepted for Secondary School

    Our students are evaluated alongside a remarkably talented pool of applicants from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for independent day schools, and alongside an equally impressive global pool for boarding schools. After visiting schools during the admissions season, students often apply to multiple schools to maximize their options. The list below represents the secondary schools to which our students have gained admission for the 2021-22 school year.

    Boarding Schools
    American International School in England
    Avon Old Farms School
    Berkshire School*
    Blair Academy
    Frederick Gunn School*
    Groton School
    Hotchkiss School*
    Kent School*
    Lawrenceville School
    Masters School
    Millbrook School*
    Miss Porter’s School
    New England Innovation Academy
    Peddie School
    Pomfret School*
    Salisbury School
    St. George’s School*
    St. Paul’s School
    Suffield Academy*
    Tabor Academy
    Taft School*
    Westminster School*

    Day Schools
    Brunswick School
    Fordham Preparatory School*
    Greenwich Academy*
    Greenwich Country Day School*
    Hackley School*
    Harvey School*
    Kennedy Catholic High School
    King School*
    La Salle College Preparatory School (CA)
    Masters School*
    Rye Country Day School
    Sacred Heart Greenwich
    School of the Holy Child*
    St. Luke’s School*
    Ursuline School
    Wildwood School (CA)
    * Two or more students accepted

  • Where RCS Students Matriculate for Secondary School

    Where students ultimately choose to go is as varied as their individual personalities. Some choose their local public school while others choose to travel across the country to attend special interest schools that help them hone skills like horseback riding, tennis, or skiing. Below is a list of schools where students have matriculated over the past five years.


  • Where RCS Students Go to College

    The skills students learn at RCS last a lifetime. Alumni often credit their experiences at RCS as a key influencer in choosing a college. As high school seniors applying to college, RCS students have a distinct advantage over some of their peers as they experienced a similarly self-reflective and complex application process when they applied to secondary schools. Moreover, they often refer to their RCS coursework in their college essays and interviews, and they can count on RCS teachers for advice, written recommendations or general support as they continue their education.

Placement Services: How we help families transition from RCS

Whether your child is considering boarding, public, or day school, a dedicated placement counselor will work with your family to help identify the right school(s) to match your student’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest while complementing the vision, dreams, and plans you have for your child.

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  • Application Management

    Application materials that are the responsibility of the family include: fee, essays, short answers, graded writing sample (if applicable), parent statement, biographical info, photograph, etc. Parents must also send selected SSAT scores electronically to each admissions office. 

    Application materials that are sent by RCS include: cover letter, placement counselor recommendation letter and form, current English teacher recommendation letter and form, current math teacher recommendation letter and form, optional additional recommendation letter(s), grades, transcripts.

    Each school typically requires at least two teacher recommendations. Because our teachers know your child so well, they are able to provide thoughtful, in-depth insights that provide a unique profile of your child and help them stand out from the broader applicant pool.
  • Guidance and Support

    Your placement counselor is available for questions and consultation throughout the year. In addition to parent informational sessions and a monthly placement newsletter, they are available by phone, by email, and by appointment, and they have regular meetings with the students on the application process, conduct, and the social/emotional aspects of leaving RCS.
  • Interview and Tour Preparation

    The placement officers meet with each student privately to discuss the student’s interests as well as to give tips on tours and interviews. RCS also conducts a mock interview with each student, and prior to each school visit a placement officer sends a letter of introduction on the student’s behalf to admissions offices.
  • SSAT

    RCS administers a "benchmark" SSAT to all seventh graders in the spring of their seventh-grade year to provide students exposure to and experience with standardized testing. All eighth- and ninth-grade students take an SSAT Flex test that is administered during school each November. RCS covers the test taking fees for the seventh-grade "benchmark" test and for the eighth- and ninth-grade Flex test. RCS students are invited to enroll in an SSAT prep course to learn test-taking strategies. The test prep course is optional and incurs a separate fee through our partner.   

Secondary School Testimonials: What Headmasters and Admissions Officers say about RCS graduates

Admissions officers stress that academic preparation, confidence, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to engage in all areas of school life make RippKids stand out in the admissions process. They are also quick to point out that our students’ ability to demonstrate their capacity for leadership is a real point of difference.

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  • Berkshire School

    Berkshire has been thrilled to welcome so many outstanding Rippowam graduates over the years. They bring a level of excellence and dedication to our classrooms, studios, stages, and playing fields that defines our culture. Perhaps even more importantly, as community members, role models, and school leaders, they help set a distinctive standard for all our young women and men. - Pieter Mulder, Head of School
  • Choate Rosemary Hall

    Choate is fortunate to be the beneficiary of the robust educational experience RCS provides. When I reflect on our “shared” students, I am struck by the many ways RCS alumni have contributed to the Choate community. RCS graduates that have come to Choate have proven to be confident, energetic leaders who embrace the opportunity to become active participants in all aspects of school life. - Alex Curtis, PhD., Headmaster
  • Deerfield Academy

    Bright, inquisitive, and highly motivated, Ripp’s graduates arrive at Deerfield with a commitment to excel and to contribute their talents and strengths in building a strong, closely knit, vibrant community. They seem to understand that it is not enough to do well, or to focus exclusively on self-advancement. In a world facing so many challenges, they sense they have a responsibility to do good -- to transcend narrow personal interests and to elevate kindness, rationality, and inclusion in the world around them. - Dr. Margarita O’Bryne Curtis, Head of School
  • Lawrenceville School

    Graduates from Rippowam Cisqua consistently exhibit qualities that enable them to succeed at Lawrenceville and become an integral part of campus life -- diligence, empathy, and academic focus combined with a healthy sense of balance that we value tremendously. There is little doubt that their educational experience prior to Lawrenceville helped them to develop a solid foundation. -  Tom Sheppard, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Masters School

    We have had a long and positive relationship with RCS students and families. RCS students enthusiastically embrace the Harkness Teaching method and quickly warm to the distinctive culture of The Masters School. RCS families are leaders in our parent community as volunteers and supporters of the School. - Laura D. Danforth, Head of School
  • Westminster School

    Enthusiastic, energetic, curious, competitive, ambitious, and involved, Rippowam graduates embody the attributes Westminster School cherishes. Their names prompt in my mind memories of school leaders, top students, outstanding athletes, and dedicated volunteers as well as performing and creative artists. Perhaps most telling, my memories across three decades of students from Rippowam always include the enduring joy reflected in their warm smiles.- William V.N. Philip, Headmaster

RCS Graduates in Their Own Words

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