Night Party

February 22  Kindergartners were “over the moon” to return to school at night for the culmination of the Night Unit: our Night Party.
After making starry night collages and galaxy dough in our classrooms, we headed downstairs to the All Night Diner for pizza and pasta. Flashlights helped us find our life-sized nocturnal animals that were hiding in the third and fourth grade classrooms. Playing mini-golf on the holes our seventh grade partners built especially for us was a highlight of the night. Decorating and eating star-shaped cookies concluded our indoor activities. But, our night wasn’t over yet! Looking for constellations and singing songs around a campfire was a magical way to end what we hope was an unforgettable night for our students.
TEXT: The Kindergarten team
PHOTOS: Nicole Levy, Sara Malekzadeh, and Nicole Putorti