Glow-in-the-Dark Leadership

January 17 – RCS seventh graders and Kindergarteners have teamed up to design and build a miniature golf course together. And not just any mini golf course – this one will glow in the dark.
This cross-grade project began in New Rochelle, New York, with an outing to a minature golf course -- the students' research phase.

Next, Kindergarteners delivered drawings of their ideas for a mini golf course to the seventh graders.

The seventh grade innovation curriculum includes teaching students to use woodworking tools, the laser cutter, and Adobe Illustrator. The seventh graders will be the builders of the golf course. 
Seventh graders will also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills during the process. “If we are talking about creating confident leaders, we need to give them authentic opportunities,” Director of Innovation Miles Cameron said.
The project is raising many questions for the Kindergarteners and seventh graders, for example:
  • Why do some colors glow in the dark with Ultraviolet light?
  • Why do golf balls deflect at an angle?
They’re raising questions, Miles Cameron says, “that they want to know the answers to.”
There’s much more to come with the mini golf course project. Here's a peek at the research phase (mini golfing!).