He Wrote Back!

March 6, 2017 – “Great news!” Kindergarten teacher Nicole Putorti shared. “Chris Raschka wrote us back! We are all so excited!”
Chris Raschka is an artist, author, and illustrator – and a two-time Caldecott Medal Award winner (for The Hello, Goodbye Window and A Ball for Daisy). Students in Mrs. Putorti's and Ms. Thivierge's Kindergarten classes studied many of Mr. Raschka’s books (he has written and illustrated over 30 for children) to look at the quality of his work and the different modalities he uses. Some of the books the students read include:
Yo! Yes?
A Ball for Daisy
Daisy Gets Lost
The Hello, Goodbye Window
Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing and More
Simple Gifts
Ring? Yo!
Mysterious Thelonious
After learning about Chris Raschka, the students decided they would write “I am from” poems and draw self-portraits, too. Enjoy!