Welcome Back, Brittany Corso ’08

February 21, 2017 – Brittany Corso graduated from RCS in 2008; headed to St. George’s in Rhode Island for boarding school; sharpened her skills at Wake Forest where she majored in Communications and Spanish; took a job in real estate sales – and then wondered what she really wanted to do.
“Real estate wasn’t for me,” Ms. Corso admits.
Now she’s a Teacher’s Assistant for second grade while she completes her graduate work in Education at Bank Street.
“I’m so happy to be back!” Ms. Corso declares.
Why Return to Ripp?
“This is my first year teaching. After real estate, I started thinking about what I wanted to do. Thinking back on past experiences, about what was most fulfilling, I realized it was working with children. So I applied to graduate school. I started at Bank Street in June.”
Is This What You Expected? Any Surprises?
“I knew I’d be happy, but being here, and working with the students, I’ve really come to realize how fortunate I am. This is what I am meant to do.”
What Do Ms. Corso’s Students Have to Say?
Dean: “She’s really nice. She teaches me spelling, math, and writing.”
Lulu:  “I love her.”
Ms. Corso has two more years to go at Bank Street’s Graduate School of Education. If you haven’t met Ms. Corso yet, we think you should stop by Cindy Valloni’s second grade class to say hello. We think you will feel the same way that Dean and Lulu do!