"Hooo" Just Visited the Kindergartners?

February 1, 2017 – Kindergartners were spellbound this week by Jasper, a 2-pound Barn Owl visiting from the New Canaan Nature Center, and Socks, a 25-year-old Great Horned Owl.
Students had many questions – from what owls eat (a lot; small rodents, birds, and bugs – but not bats) to how owls hear (they have hearing openings on the sides of their heads; Jasper’s are asymmetrical – one up, one down).
But what was really intriguing to the students was learning that owls eat their prey whole and that the feathers, fur, bones, and teeth of an owl’s diet that are not digested are spat out as pellets – and on this day of discovery, students would have the opportunity to dissect owl pellets.
It was exciting for the students to put on goggles and find bones and teeth in the owl pellets.
Or, as one student explained, “It’s gross and cool!”