Upper Campus Students Cast Their Vote

November 9, 2016 – This past Tuesday our country experienced an election that was historic on many levels. Our students on the Upper Campus had the opportunity for an in-school voting experience as well.
The online vote took place Tuesday in homerooms and advisories in the morning until dismissal at 4:10 p.m. Fifth and sixth graders were given the choice of either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. In addition to casting their vote, they were asked to explain their vote in their own words. Seventh, eighth, and ninth graders completed this presidential ballot, plus voted on ballot issues including immigration, climate change, and health care.
Our student voter participation was strong with 85% of all students in grades five through nine voting – a much higher voter turnout than our country's election night. 

Unlike the results of our country's election, Hillary Clinton won the mock 
election by a wide margin, earning 75% of the student vote. Trump earned 25%. Ballot issue breakouts for grades 7-9 are available below, and tended to fall with roughly 80% voting Democrat and 20% voting Republican. We encouraged the students, when discussing both their votes and the results in school, to practice what is outlined in their RCS Civility Contract and respect the views of their peers.
Mock Election Results: Clinton Won by a Landslide
75% Clinton-D
25% Trump-R
Grades 7-9 Ballot Issues
Should all Americans be entitled to Healthcare by law?
80% Yes
20% No
Does climate change exist and if so, should more laws be created to deal with this issue?
81% Yes
19% No
Should the United States close its borders to immigrants and refugees?
19% Yes
81% No