Skype Workshop: Author Julie Lindahl Visits RCS

September 12, 2016 – Historian and author Julie Lindahl joined the Humanities 9 class for a live Skype workshop centering on the students’ summer reading book, The Pendulum. 
The autobiographical account focuses on Ms. Lindahl’s research into her grandfather’s involvement with the SS in World War II. 

The workshop began with students posing insightful questions to Julie Lindahl about not only the book but also her relationship with her grandparents. Students showed that they understood important themes associated with the book, such as understanding history's ability to inform and influence our present and future, and the challenges of researching and interpreting history in an unbiased way. 
“I am a big believer in providing hands-on learning experiences and bringing in experts to bring the curriculum themes to life,” explained ninth grade teacher Amy Stern.

Students discovered how Ms. Lindahl delved into the truths of her family – and how the uncovering of history may be painful.  
About Julie Lindahl
Julie Lindahl holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Wellesley College, was a Fulbright scholar in Germany, and holds a Master of Philosophy in International Relations from Oxford University. 

During her six-year research process resulting in the publication of The Pendulum she was named Stevens Traveling Fellow 2015-16 from Wellesley College, which generously agreed to sponsor her ongoing research work. In 2013 she was also named Honorary Research Associate of University College London in connection with its ongoing work on reverberations of war in Germany and Europe since 1945. She continues to write and speak widely in schools, youth centers, and other institutions about her work.

She is the founder of Stories for Society, a non-profit devoted to improving learning and communication through story-making among youth.
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