Foundations of Education Series: Why Gender Matters: What Parents Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Gender Differences

Recent research has demonstrated dramatic, hardwired differences between females and males in their ability to smell; in how they hear; in how they see; in how girls and boys acquire language; and in the trajectories of brain development.

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Leonard Sax will share how understanding gender differences can help parents develop stronger relationships with their children. Drawing on his 30 years of clinical experience as a psychologist and family physician, Dr. Sax will present familiar scenarios and discuss how gender affects perception.

Please join us on February 21 in the Upper Campus Playhouse for what will be a very eye-opening look into the science behind how our brains work.
Foundations of Education Series (FES) lectures are free and open to the public.  Click HERE to RSVP.