A Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

The Rippowam Cisqua School Board of Trustees is a volunteer body that serves as the guardian of the School’s mission, focusing on strategic issues and on the long term well-being of the School. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is appropriate, relevant, and vital to the community it serves, and to engage in strategic planning to support this mission. The Board monitors the success of the School in fulfilling its mission and works in partnership with the Head of School to establish principles that will best serve the School, while the Head implements the policies and procedures to fulfill these principles on an operational basis. Members of the Board have a fiduciary responsibility to the School for sound financial management and planning, and assume primary responsibility for the preservation of capital assets and endowments as well as compliance with legal requirements and regulations. The Board and the Head of School work in partnership to best serve the School, its mission, and its constituents.

2017-18 Board of Trustees

Executive Committee
Kirtley H. Cameron, Chair

Peter B. Freund '91, Vice Chair
James D. Kallman, Vice Chair

Charles E. Buckley, Treasurer
Scott A. Barshay, Secretary
Whitney Brown
Anne Citrin
Christopher H. Pachios

Sonja Bartlett

Jonathan Childs
Nancy Dwyer Eaves '92
Margot Fooshee

Abby Gerry
Ben Harris
Dr. Elizabeth L. Kilgallon

Stuart Kovensky
Dr. Angelina Lipman
Richard Mugler III

Nga Pedretti
Lisa L. Shrewsberry
Sara Slocum
Daniel van Starrenburg

Ex Officio

Colm MacMahon, 
Head of School
Antoinette Sullivan, Parents Association Chair
Deborah A. Hurrell, Asst. Head, Finance & Operations
Ryan Smith, Director of Advancement
Cynthia Branch Mas '71, RCSAA Chair