Dr. Kate Lawrence ’01

Dr. Kate Lawrence ’01 is a hospitalist at the Manhattan VA (MVA) hospital, where she stayed after her residency training. She has been there almost a year, working part time as a teaching attending on the wards (working with residents), while the rest of her time is devoted to a fellowship in Healthcare Science Delivery and Health Technology Innovations. She also has a Masters in Public Health.
“I have been caring for Covid-19 patients for the last month,” Dr. Lawrence says. “We were initially triaging Covid-19 patients to the Brooklyn VA, but it quickly became apparent that the need was too great, so we expanded. MVA started taking civilian (non-veteran) patients at the end of March and beginning of April, in response to the overwhelming need in the city. I’ve seen some really heartbreaking cases, and have had to make very tough care decisions, but I’ve also witnessed remarkable recoveries for patients and incredible resilience from my colleagues, nurses, and our great resident teams.
“It is an honor to work with veterans, both during Covid-19 and really all the time. They are a unique community of patients, with amazing stories to tell, whose care is often forgotten or marginalized. Their efforts to adhere to social distancing, care for their fellow vets and neighbors, and respect for our hospital during this period has been inspiring. And there is nothing like being able to discharge a WWII vet home after a hospitalization from Covid-19, and being thanked for your service to them.”
Dr. Lawrence graduated from RCS in 2001 and was a lifer – she started in JPK! She’s also a third generation RCS alumna; her father and his brothers and her grandmother all attended. Playing ice hockey for the RCS team is one of her favorite memories.
“From having to start out co-ed for lack of players to building a really strong women’s team, hockey shaped so much of my thoughts on teamwork, leadership, and especially regarding opportunities for women to excel in the world,” she recalls. “It certainly had an impact on my confidence in my ability to accomplish my goals, including medicine.”
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