2019 Hyperbole Final Competition

May 10 – The 2019 Hyperbole finalists met in the Playhouse last week for the climactic end to the competition – and this year, two winners emerged: Ceanna Hidalgo ’21 and Rafe Reinstein ‘21.
“This year we added some flair to this experience,” Grades 7/8 Dean Brooks Eleck said as the competition began. “In the past, the competition was primarily known as the Hyperbole, however, this year an additional category was added to the competition.” In English classes, students in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades had the choice to write speeches that fell into two categories, either inspirational or hyperbole. English teachers Ms. Pena, Ms. Schnell, and Ms. Sperling helped orchestrate the writing and process that lead to the competition.

It was no small feat to make it the semi-finals, where students in both categories were judged by a series of five teachers. For the finals, the panel of judges increased to include Head of Upper Campus Matt Hall and three ninth grade students.

Ceanna Hidalgo, the winner in the inspirational category, spoke about the process of self-acceptance, which she described as the act of being able to embrace yourself for who you are, negative or positive, and being able to accept your flaws and your strengths.

Rafe Reinstein, the winner of the hyperbole category, told a humorous tale of discovering what teachers do for fun after students leave school for the day.

Congratulations to Ceanna and Rafe, and to all the hyperbole and inspirational speech competition finalists:

For the hyperbole category
Ava Slocum ’19
Agatha Ryan ’20
Clara Guettel ’20
Rafe Reinstein ’21
Remy Lipman ’21
For the inspirational category
Paul Creegan ’21
Ceanna Hidalgo ’21
Kingsley Brown ’21
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