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Your Most Pressing Questions Answered by Our Childhood Experts

RippTalks tackle the most pressing topics in the RCS community through small interactive conversations led by our in-house psychologists, educators, and subject matter experts. Exclusively for RCS families, RippTalks provides a safe outlet for parents and guardians to gain insights and seek advice on how to navigate the ever-changing needs of children at school and at home.

2018-19 RippTalks

RCS offers a series of talks throughout to facilitate small group discussions on hot parenting topics. The following topics pair our in-house counseling team with RCS educators to provide direct access to the knowledge and expertise you need to at every stage of child development.

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  • OCTOBER: Screens, Routines, and the Biological Need for Sleep

    Speaker: Emily Gifford, PsyD
    Date: Tuesday, October 9

    “Screens, Routines, and the Biological Need for Sleep,” will provide information about the biological necessity of sleep, discuss challenges we all face as parents with respect to evening routines and sleep, and offer general practices and functional solutions for these challenges

    Who is this for? Parents of students in PreK-Grade 4
  • DECEMBER: Executive Functioning Challenges in Middle School: A Fresh Perspective

    Speakers: Holly O’Neill-Melville and Dr. Iman Rasti
    Date:  Wednesday, December 12
    Holly O’Neill-Melville is an expert in social-emotional aspects of child development with invaluable clinical experience. She will be joining voices with humanities teacher Iman Rasti, who has studied executive functioning extensively. Together, they will be addressing the challenges students face in the development of executive functioning skills at school and at home. They’ll be offering practical advice on understanding your child holistically with a fresh perspective.
    Who is this for? Parents of students in Grades 5-9
  • DECEMBER: Parenting in a Culture of Anxiety: The Importance of Play and Problem Solving

    Speaker: Emily Gifford, PsyD
    Date: Tuesday, December 18
    Based on research and years of experience working with children and families, Emily Gifford brings a constructive and functional approach to discussing parenting. This talk is designed to take a look at how we as parents may be creating intergenerational anxiety that is sociologically driven as opposed to biologically ordained. From a practical perspective, how do we break the cycle with this information and actively change the way we are parenting to engender more independent, competent, and confident children?
    Who is this for? Parents of students in PreK-Grade 4
  • JANUARY: Navigating Social Challenges with Your Middle Schooler

    Speaker: Holly O’Neill-Melville, Upper Campus Counselor
    Date: Tuesday, January 29
  • APRIL: Test Anxiety and Mindfulness Strategies

    Speaker: Holly O’Neill-Melville, Upper Campus Counselor
    Date: Tuesday, April 30
  • MAY: From First Bite to Body Image: Feeding Our Kids

    Speaker: Emily Gifford, Ph.D., Lower Campus Psychologist
    Date: Tuesday, May 14
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