Rippowam Cisqua School is committed to environmental sustainability and conservation in all aspects of school life.

A member of the Green Schools Alliance and the Bedford 2020 Schools Task Force, RCS incorporates themes of a sustainable present and future throughout its facility and program. In 2014, RCS was presented with the Green Award from the Town of Bedford Conservation Board in honor of the School's sustainability efforts.

Conservation Methods

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  • Energy Savings

    Installation of T-5 and LED light bulbs reduced KwH consumption by 75-80%

    Lutron Light Harvesting system allows light fixtures to compensate light levels for sunlight entering the room.

    Motion controlled -ultra sonic sensors turn lights off in classrooms and gyms.
  • Food Composting

    In 2010, RCS became the first independent middle school in the United States to adopt the innovative Rocket Composter. The Rocket Composter makes compost from our wood chips and food waste.

    In five years 180 tons of food waste was kept from landfills.

    All compost is processed and used on-site.
  • Solar Production

    In 2009, a 50 KwH Photovoltaic System was installed on the Lower Campus. The system provides up to 33% of the Lower Campus power needs.

    During the summer up to 90% of Lower Campus power requirements are met via solar production.
  • Water Consumption

    To date RCS has conserved over 62 million gallons of water through our water conservation program which includes:
    • Low flow water consumption toilets with automatic flush valves.
    • Solar faucets that only operate when motion is detected.
    • On site water coolers that eliminated 5 gallon bottled water dispensers. Each cooler is equipped with a counters that indicates the number of plastic bottles saved.
    • Over 52,000 plastics bottles have been saved from both campuses since these coolers were installed.