Guess "Hoo?"

As we prepare to celebrate both our 100th academic year and the completion of the RCS Upper Campus renovation, we are excited to bring back a symbol from the original iconography of our school, the Rippowam Owl. Though inspired by drawings of our earliest school seal, today’s owl bears little resemblance to what many RCS alums referred to as “the grumpy old owl” who graced everything from yearbook covers to admissions materials, to our original school flag.
Today’s owl will be featured in all of our Centennial materials from the lamp post flags adorning both campuses to our soon to be launched line of Centennial merchandise and apparel. Colm MacMahon, Head of School, believes “It is important that we bring back the Rippowam Owl to the RCS community; owls have long been associated with wisdom and intentional contemplation -- two essential components of an enlightened education -- and we are thrilled to have the Owl return for our Centennial year and beyond. I fully expect the community, and especially the students, will embrace our new iconography with great enthusiasm. Given its rich history, the owl is a wonderful and fitting symbol of our Centennial Celebration and it will play an exciting role in the future of Rippowam Cisqua School.”


The Rippowam Owl

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